Over half of the students at a primary school in Cayo are no-show

vlcsnap-2013-10-25-08h34m27s0On Thursday morning, teachers and staff of Faith Nazarene Primary School in San Ignacio, Cayo were baffled when three quarters of their students did not show up for classes. We spoke with the Vice Principal Shelan Humes who was able to confirm this. According to Humes, neither their staff nor the Ministry of Education issued any notification to their student’s parents that classes were cancelled; and yet, the school found itself almost empty. Humes was also able to tell us that the school has launched an investigation into the matter. However, he informed us that classes will resume today and tomorrow, October 25th, despite any absences. This information runs almost parallel with  what Patrick Menzies  told us on Wednesday, that his movement, involving the boycotting of schools, would be moving to Cayo on Thursday. We called Mr Menzies and he was able to confirm that while his demonstration was scheduled for Thursday, it was postponed for Friday.

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