Overflowing septic at Belmopan market pose health risk

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Vendors at the Belmopan Market are complaining about an unsanitary condition that they say is not being addressed by the relevant authorities.  A leaking septic is situated right near the public bathrooms and is oozing human waste, leaving puddles of leakage which people have to dodge to avoid. The entire area has a highly putrid odor compounded not only by the leaking sewage but also by the rotting garbage that is also piled high right behind the restrooms. Store owners in the area are complaining not only about the overwhelming smell, but the health risk that is posed by the numerous swarming flies in the area and the possible contamination of human faeces and urine .Vendors called Plusnews to the area to highlight the unsavory situation, saying that they have called the Belmopan City Council to complain but are yet to get attention on the matter. vlcsnap-2015-05-12-09h40m53s165

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