Overhanging Tractor Rips Oncoming Bus; Passengers Injured

vlcsnap-2014-03-26-18h01m44s27There was a traffic accident on the George Price Highway where the side of a  bus was opened like  a tin can by the rake sticking out of  the side of a farming machine. Emanuel Pech has the story.

Emanuel Pech reporting:

About 18 to 20 passengers were on this James Bus-line Express when the protruding rake of a plow that was attached to a tractor and being pulled by a Kenworth brand Truck, cut into the driver’s side of the bus as it was going in the opposite direction.

vlcsnap-2014-03-26-18h00m08s93The incident occurred a few minutes after 7:00 pm on Tuesday, March 25th, between miles 44 and 45 on the George Price Highway. There are no known casualties, however, 4 people, including Oscar Cal, a resident of Colombia Village, Toledo, and the driver of the James bus-line, sustained serious injuries.

Today, we visited the Western Regional Hospital and met Mr. Oscar Cal, who gave us his account of what transpired

vlcsnap-2014-03-26-18h03m13s161Mr. Oscar Cal- Driver of the James Bus During the Accident

“Well, while driving on the George Price Highway, when I reached by mile 44, close to Cotton Tree, I met a lot of traffic, and thereafter I met a towhead carrying some heavy equipment and all of a sudden, I just felt a bang on my driver’s side”.

Reporter:  “What is the extent of your injuries?”

Mr. Oscar Cal: “Right now I have a hole in my arm and another hole in my head.  Thank God that my leg is not broken.  It is only badly hurt.  That is all, terrible pain last night”.

Though Oscar has been working with the James bus company for over five years and has an additional 25 years of bus driving experience, this is the first time that something like this has happened to him.  However, according to Oscar, it did not take long for him and the other passengers to get assistance

vlcsnap-2014-03-26-18h14m02s217Mr. Oscar Cal: “Well, people stop and I am not sure who all came out but I see people stop and they stared to assist people to get out of the bus and the one that are injured had to wait until the ambulance came.  The ambulance didn’t take long to arrive. 

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Did the vehicle stop to render assistance?

Mr. Oscar Cal:  “Well, I didn’t see, but according to people around, they said that yes, the truck did stop a little distance from where the accident happened”.

vlcsnap-2014-03-26-18h26m03s32Driving this blue 18 wheeler Kenworth brand Truck at the time of the incident was 39 year old Freddie Valdez, who was transporting a tractor and plow to Spanish Lookout.

According to information Valdez gave to the police, he was aware of the dangers his truck posed on to other oncoming vehicles and so was heading to West Star hotel with plans to continue the journey the following morning.

However, he never reached that far.  He told police that he drove to the far right to avoid the oncoming bus, however, it was just not enough. For Plus News Emanuel Pech.

The James bus line was totaled and while little is known of the condition of the other three passengers, the driver of the bus, Oscar Cal was scheduled to be released from the hospital today.

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