P.M. defends Foreign Minister over media comment

Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington was silent for all of today’s Prime Ministerial Press Conference, and that is for a reason. The Minister, speaking in the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s events to Amandala, insisted that formal confirmation from the OAS was needed and that the various media reports, either Belizean or Guatemalan, were not sufficient for him to act then. Now that the Government has acted, where does he stand now? The Prime Minister reminded that he, and he alone, speaks for Belize last on any issue, and the turn of events now vindicates the free press.11880149_10153241583684132_404181862_n

Hon. Dean Barrow: If you listened to me just now, I said that I believed that the impeding of the small boats and the bigger boat was an incursion, was done in Belizean territory, and I cited as a source of confirmation for my belief what the good media had to say. So it is very clear from that, that I accepted you fine people of the fourth estate. As honest and independent interlocutors, I am not going to comment on what the foreign minister said. I’ve heard of some interview, I haven’t seen it, I haven’t read it but the line that you ultimately take is from me. This is a Prime Minister’s press conference. You’ve heard that line, and I will tell you that I speak not just for my office but for the entire cabinet and government of Belize. 

P.M. Barrow also laughed off any suggestion of lack of confidence in Minister Elrington’s handling of affairs.

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