PAC rescheduled as quorum not reached

The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives continues to meet even as the Government tries to reach consensus  with PAC’s chairman Julius Espat, the Opposition as well as the social partners – business sector, trade unions and the Churches. Last week there was a meeting with several of these partners and pro-tem chair John Saldivar discussed it with the press on Thursday.

vlcsnap-2013-11-01-07h32m35s0Hon. John Saldivar:  

“So far, we have submitted in writing the proposal to the Chamber of Credit Unions; they have asked us for up until the 5th November to give us a response.  So, we are simply waiting on that”. 


Reporter:  “Now, are you able to say, I know we discussed it with you under…know to going the detail, are you able to say if that proposal changes on a way that construction?”

Hon. John Saldivar:   “I imagine that the Bill change the composition, yes but I won’t go into the details until we hear from the Chamber and the Union as whether they’ll accept as they send this proposal came out of the meeting, the Council of Churches.    So it is already clear that the Council of Churches are in favour of the proposal”.

Reporter:  “How come the UDP did not meet quorum yesterday?”

Hon. John Saldivar:   “One member was out of the country and another was unable to attend and we weren’t able to get to place things”.

Reporter:  “What alternate ways you…?”

Hon. John Saldivar:   “That’s what I’m saying: we were unable to place things”.

The social partners’ representatives in the Senate have attended as observers. The latest meeting, as Minister Saldivar explained, had to be rescheduled because quorum was not reached.

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