PACT transitioning; office closed

The office of PACT in Belmopan was closed today and will continue to be closed for a one week period as it goes through a transition phase. That transition phase means a Change Management exercise and reduction in administrative costs. According to a press release from PACT issued today, and we quote, “…a new operational framework that streamlines all aspects of PACT’s operations has been adopted. This includes an updated organogram that reflects modified job functions which make better use of technological and human resources to increase operational efficiency. Additionally, it also includes a modified compensation program that responds to the recommendations for PACT to reasonably reduce overhead costs as part of its longterm financial planning. The migration to the new systems necessitates a discontinuation of the status quo inclusive of the current employment conditions. Consequently, and in accordance with all legal requirements for reform of this nature, employees will be transitioned over a period of one week.” PACT says this move to streamline operations follows the completion of independent reviews late last year .

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