Panamanian Diplomat murdered in Belmopan

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The Nation is in a state of shock following the discovery of the dead body of Panamanian Diplomat Jose Rodrigo De La Rosa Standford in the Capital City of Belmopan.
Police report that sometime around 4:00 pm on Sunday November 23rd Jose De La Rosa, The Charge De Affairs for the Embassy of Panama to Belize, was found dead about a quarter mile from La Chosa in western Belmopan. The area seems to be frequented by residents who own farms in the surrounding area. The body was found near the foot of a hill of an excavating sight.
vlcsnap-2014-11-25-04h48m52s132There still lingered evidence that something heavy and bleeding was dragged from the dirt road and into the nearby bushes. Blood was smeared everywhere.
The body, according to police, was observed with cut wounds to the neck and head. It is still not known if Jose Rodrigo De La Rosa Standford was murdered in that area, or if he was murdered elsewhere and his body left there to be later found by police on Sunday evening.
Police investigations have also revealed that his white Nissan, with diplomatic License plates that he was reportedly driving in, is also missing. Police investigations continue.
Meanwhile several Panamanian online news outlets report that preparations are being made to transport the body of Jose De La Rosa Standford to Panama via the presidential plane. Furthermore the Panamanian Government will be sending an official delegation of Chancelleries and Deputy Commissioners to laisse with officials in Belize to prompt swift investigation.

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