Parents complain about reckless school bus driver

On Friday, we told you the story of the accident that happened on the La Gracia Road with students who commute daily to Eden High School in San Ignacio. The school bus that the students were in, crashed into a BATSUB vehicle because the bus was overtaking a parked vehicle on a very narrow road.  Five students; four females and one male, commute to school daily but for some time have been complaining to parents about the speed and the carelessness with which some of the bus drivers allegedly operate the shuttle. Students say that Tuesday of last week,  they were already uncomfortable with the speed of the vehicle  when the bus driver allegedly received a call on his phone after which he increased his speed. The students also allege that the driver had a gun in the vehicle and his child was sitting on his lap when the accident occurred. Two of the female students had to be rushed to the Western Regional Hospital because they remained unconscious for several hours. A third female student was treated at the Spanish Lookout Community clinic and later released. The village of La Gracia is in a remote area of the Cayo district and the parents feel that their students are hostage to the whims of the drivers.

Elivra Duarte, Mother of Accident Victim; The driver had his daughter in front, she was standing beside him and he was talking through the phone when that accident happen. But it has been going for a while now that they have been making complaints about the driver, that the driver smokes a lot of drugs when he brings them. He also always has his gun with him, and a lot of times they said that he use to threaten and joke with them. Many times I was afraid that something could happen to my Daughter but I was also scared to go and report what was happening because sometimes when people talk they are taken for granted.

Lorena, Mother of Accident Victim; My Daughter told me that three days ago the driver drove straight through a farm with the van, he was driving too fast and in a curve he was unable to make it and drove straight onto a farm. I stayed in shocked and wondered what was going on. She also told me that the driver tell her that he like to see her. So I told my daughter that if he ever tells that to her again for her to tell me and I am going to report it to the police.

The parents say they have since contacted the Ministry of Education which is ultimately responsible for the bus runs for commuting students.

Elivra Duarte, Mother of Accident Victim; The Ministry of Education told us that they are going to look over the situation because they had no idea that this was happening. They also said that they are going to do everything possible for the girls to be in safe hands and for them to have a more appropriate driver, one that can take care of them and drive them home safely.

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