Parents protest outside school

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The parents of students attending Faith Nazarene in San Ignacio held a protest yesterday, Monday September 15th. After a week away from classes, half of the four hundred students returned to the school’s classrooms. The Ministry of Education and the Teaching Services Commission reached an agreement last week with School Management, so all teachers were back inside the classrooms yesterday. However, angry parents staged an impromptu protest where they demanded the removal of the principal, Policarpia Pech. David Simpson, an angry parent, told us why they decided to protest.

David Simpson: Minister of Education is here. We the parents would demand that there be more clarification as to what is vlcsnap-2015-09-15-23h06m14s98happening because we are not happy with this institution at this point. I’m not the only parent. All the parents you see here in white, they are dissatisfied and that is why we have taken time off and we have not send our kids to school because it’s not at the
best of the interest for us to send them right now.

Raul Cabral, another parent was part of the protest says that he doesn’t have anything personal against the principal, he is just doing this for his child.

Raul Cabral: You know I not be against Miss Pech. I do this for the benefit of my kid. You see the minister of education standing up right there doing what? Nothing. They’re supposed to come and give us an answer. We need to get some answers, what is going to happen, what they are going to do while we are here. And you see, they say its 400 kids, we co agree pan that. vlcsnap-2015-09-15-23h07m07s118How many children are inside right now? The parents have to work, you see the parent’s right here, we are supporting. We represent the parents that are not here because they are working. The teachers don’t want to teach. What kind of environment is that for our kids? Our point is, I want the benefit for our kids. I nuh have anything against her, I can repeat it, I don’t have anything against Miss Pech. She can transfer to another school, she can continue teaching.

Tensions have been high at the school since the parents and teachers wanted the immediate removal of the principal Policarpia Pech.  Allegations from the teachers were that she was mismanaging certain school affairs. Today, Tuesday September 15th, things seem to have cooled down at the school and most of the students returned to their normal scheduled classes.

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