Parents say a cover up happened in case of alleged child sodomy

Allegations that a five year old child was sodomized at a primary school in Salvapan Area, Belmopan, has stirred the emotions of many.

Last week we reported that the medical results of the test swab that was taken from the child proved negative. According to police, the medical reports are saying that the child was never penetrated. But the mother and some residents of the Salvapan area firmly believe there is concrete evidence to determine that the child was indeed penetrated.

vlcsnap-2014-10-03-07h08m19s70vlcsnap-2014-10-03-07h46m49s142On Thursday the mother of the child and some 30 members of the community, joined now by Patrick Menzies of BelizeCan, lead a small demonstration beside the Salvapan Bridge demanding swift justice for the alleged victim and calling for the shutdown of the School.

vlcsnap-2014-10-03-18h31m46s184Iris Guiterrez – Parent

“We are out here because we need justice. We have our children in school. I think that the principal needs to do something and noh hide nothing because we are mothers and we have children unless fi she children neva hurt she when dehn born. But ih hurt us because we love our child. And she try to hide everything. We find out eight days later because they had some mothers and fathers that were calling the radios and that’s how we knew about what happened. So Tuesday morning we went to the school to find out what happen and we found out what happened. We neva know that it was a thirteen year old and till yesterday we find out and majority of the kids from the school are taking and saying everything that happen.”


Mother of Victim

“From the first time I do it, I sit down home and I ask myself that same question. But I say if I sit down home and ten years later they tell my son dehn rape you and my son will ask me mommy why you noh wah fight for me. Yes I am concern. I want justice. I know that everybody wah know my kid and know me and he is already getting bad treatment from the community; I cannot even ker him dah shop. Ih can’t come to school.

He seh he was in the bathroom. They pulled his pants down and in his private dehn mi di put it to the back then dehn do what they do. And when he get to the bathroom, he was crying and the teacher pulled down his pants and his underwear was full with blood. From that day I can’t sleep. I noh sleep and I just sit down pan the bed and I see one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock. I can’t eat.”

The protesters ran into some mishap with the authorities, who claimed that it was an illegal gathering and began to arrest them.  The images show two mothers handcuffed together and police about to handcuff others. There were some heated exchange of words and reports are that some police officers shook off a few children who were clinging to their mother but the police did not arrest anyone and let them go.

vlcsnap-2014-10-03-07h08m34s234The demonstrators then made their way to a local church in the community where Patrick Menzies explained that the alleged victim suffered from autism.


Patrick Menzies
“What they are saying is that the evidence that came back when they did the swap – didn’t provide any evidence of rape, meaning evidently and they can correct me, there is no semen or nothing to be found inside the anus of the child. However, there is so many anomalies; the doctor said ask the parent when she got to the hospital “ma’am did you bathe this kid?” the mom said no. The funny thing was that the child had blood in his underwear, but the butt was completely clean. How can that occur? Well have since reveal himself because the child has autism. We need to understand that serious fact, because the child has autism, he remembers things slowly. So in the beginning all he said was that was another 5 year old boy in the bathroom with him. He identified the boys’ name and his backpack. When the police came with him, he identify the actual child and he explain that they put finger into his rear. Now, let me be very clear here, we have evidence that can show you the fact that the child’s underwear on day two was bloody again, it was still bleeding from what happened the day before. The doctor statement basically clarified the child was penetrated, but I cannot tell you if it was with penis, stick or with the finger. We don’t know and that’s why the conclusion of the statement is the fact that they can’t say its rape because they have no proof that he was raped.”


According to Patrick Menzies, the child is now revealing that he was assaulted by an older child.


vlcsnap-2014-10-03-18h12m23s88Patrick Menzies
“The child at the beginning had said that it was a five year old and a five year old was present. Other kids at the school are saying that there was a big kid also present. So the kid taken in at eleven o’clock; the child tells the mom at two o’clock in the morning when he wakes and said mom he touched me here and he touch me here—point to his penis and his anus. And so the mom asks him tell me what really happened. And he said ‘It is a secret momma, it is a secret’. And then he tells momma, ‘Momma it is the big boy. It is a big boy did it.’ So who is the big boy? He noh know, but a big boy. So now we know that the five year old was present, but there was another big boy and he was told to keep it a secret. This needs to come out and this school needs to be shut down because the thirteen year old is still at the school right now.”


Patrick Menzies, via a press release had said he had evidence he would share with the media. However, up to news time, we have not received any such evidence.Earlier this evening police reaffirmed that the evidence they gathered is showing that the child was never penetrated.


vlcsnap-2014-10-03-18h20m20s10Superintendant Howell Gillett

“Well for sure, the doctor was very clear on that; that there was no penetration. I don’t want to get into the very detail because it is not for the public’s consumption. But I am certain and I am happy to have this report in our possession. The child was not sexually abuse, there was no penetration and the doctor was very clear on that. So I don’t know why others are saying this. I think there were some inconsistencies on the part of certain media houses—I do not care to mention them now—but I think that is what got this thing out of control. But we are very clear and we are happy to report to the media that there was no penetration, no foreign fluid, anything on this child’s test that was done.

It wasn’t revealed that it was a fourteen year [old] until after we told the relevant people that that age of liability is above twelve.  So now there is a fourteen [years old] and I’m hopeful that we don’t hear that it was a teacher, because the facts continue to change.  But we, as the police, we must stick to the facts, and the evidence we have is the doctor’s report, who is an expert, and we have the forensic report.  They are the professional people, and we must abide by the facts.

But, of course, if there’s new compelling evidence, we will act upon it.”


Gwen Nuñez assured the public that the Ministry of Education along with the Honourable Minister will remain in support of the family of the child in question and the accused, and pledged their assistance in the form of counselling for the families and all affected members of the community.

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