Passing Vehicle Hits Southern Child, Now at the KHMH

Karl-Heusner-Memorial-Hospital 0Authorities in Punta Gorda are investigating a hit and run on the highway that has left a 7 year old girl injured. Police say that they believe they have recovered the vehicle involved in the incident. Our colleagues at PGTV spoke with Sergeant Pedro Ical.

vlcsnap-2014-01-30-17h12m42s35Mr. Pedro Ical- Sergeant at Punta Gorda Police

 “There was also another road traffic incident between mile 60 and 69 of the Southern Highway, Tambran village.  A vehicle that was traveling from Punta Gorda towards Independence Village when a child was sent to do an errand across the road and apparently when she was returning her home when she was hit by the said vehicle. So far, we have the person whom we are looking for.  He has already been detained.  However, we have found the vehicle that was involved in that incident”.

The child is receiving treatment at the KHMH.

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