Pastor Llewelyn Lucas decapitated

The decapitated head of 47 year old Llewelyn Lucas was found in a bucket in the back of a vehicle owned by a Canadian man who has been accused of various scams internationally and who goes by several names: Danny Ramesh, Ted Quellet ,and William Mason.  According to the official police report, On Friday 15th July at around 8:30 p.m., 46 year old Williamvlcsnap-2016-07-19-15h29m20s255 Mason, who was being sought by Belmopan CIB for the purpose of an ongoing investigation, was spotted at a bar in Belmopan. Police then conducted a search on Mason which led to the discovery of a .9mm pistol with five live rounds of ammunition. A further search was also conducted on his black Ford F150 pickup truck in which police found  what they described   as “..a freshly cut human head covered up with duct tape”. The driver window of the truck was then broken and entry was gained into the vehicle where police found a magazine containing four (4) .9mm live rounds,  a pump action shot gun and a pouch with eight (8) live cartridges of ammunition. There were four Roaring Creek men along with Mason at the time.   There are several angles to this murder case which prompted a press conference called Monday morning by the Minister of National Security .  According to Assistant Commissioner Blackett, Mason was being sought by police in relation to another matter when they stumbled across the head in his truck.

Russell Blackett, Acting Commissioner of Policevlcsnap-2016-07-19-15h29m52s60

“Mr. William Mason who was found with the head of the decease with Mr. Llewellyn Lucas was being sought by the police for investigation. I had briefed the HNCIB and the lead investigator, looking at a specific case surrounging Mr. Mason. When he was spotted 8:15am in the City of Belmopan the lead investigator was called in. He was located at a bar in the city of Belmopan and when a search was conducted this is when we uncovered in a sack within a black color bucket the head of Mr. Lucas. The forensic was called in and an intensive search was conducted within the area for other evidential value on the scene. When the investigator arrived Mr. Mason explained that he could not find his key and he was very nervous. Hence the reason his driver side window glass was broken; search conducted. There will be other charges flowing through the week on other investigations that had been carried out. So you will then know that what I am saying is the facts and how we came upon this head. Had it not been conducting this investigation and was tracking this man trying to locate him; there is a possibility we would have been investigating a missing persons’ report. So I would say by the stroke of luck we stumbled upon this and I am glad we did.”


That other matter for which Mason was being sought is “attempted kidnapping” of a Canadian couple, according to Blackett. However, according to the alleged victim of that kidnapping, with whom Plusnews spoke , he and his wife were bound and held at gunpoint at  Mason’s home and were released only after they agreed to pay ransom money. The couple reported the matter to police and left for Canada.  This happened some two months ago, and so Plusnews asked the Commissioner why Mason was never charged and was being sought for two months when they knew of his home on Intelco Road and his Ranch on the highway.

Louis Wade , Plus TV Newsvlcsnap-2016-06-28-18h01m53s614
“You called the accusation against Mr. Mason attempted kidnapping. The person who he kidnapped is currently in hiding in Canada. He was introduced to Mr. Mason by a minister of government; upon receiving or giving 300,000 dollars of which the carrier appears to have in Mr. Lucas. Upon refusal of the return of the money which would have been returned on Friday; previously when the money have not been returned to the Mennonite he was taken to this house with his wife under gunpoint, duct taped, kept below the house for an extended period of time. All of this was reported to the police more than a month ago. The Mennonite was taken on the highway by gunpoint where he agreed Mr. Mason to pay monies for his release which was paid to him inside BNE on the highway. All of this we understand the police had information of. How is that attempted kidnapping and not kidnapping? And why was Mr. Mason at that not arrested and charged?”vlcsnap-2016-07-19-15h29m41s211

Russell Blackett , Acting Commissioner of Police
There are a lot of cases we have that you will find out that deals were made. Persons try to negotiate and when things go bad they run to the police. Now the guy’s in Canada and he will be in country very shortly and again what he told us in the first instance on land in Belize is something he told us different when he was in Canada. So again we need to re-interview him to see where the charged will go.”

The police say they have also discovered the charred remains of a body at Mason’s vlcsnap-2016-07-19-15h30m34s225Farm on the George Price Highway. While they believe it is Lucas’ body, they are vlcsnap-2016-07-19-15h30m25s136waiting for forensics.

Russell Blackett, Acting Commissioner of Police

“We searched the farm and we found what appear to be burnt remains of a body as given to us during our interviews. That has been sent to the forensics for analysis.”

Police also say they believe that a knife used in the commission of the crime is at the bottom of a pool and they are trying to retrieve it.

Russell Blackett, Acting Commissioner of Police

“Investigation continues at his farm at this moment where we are trying to find the murder weapon, which is a knife that is in a 12 feet deep pool. We had asked the National Fire Service to assist us yesterday but the tools could not bring up the muck. We are asking another entity to help us with a vacuum type truck and presently that is ongoing. We also continue to investigate and interview persons presently at this time. Once we have one count of kidnapping we are looking for a flow of other possible offenses that have been committed. He had been tracked and he was a person of concern for us and this is the end result.”vlcsnap-2016-07-19-15h28m55s5

Police have arrested William Mason for murder and conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Also charged along with Mason are four men from Roaring Creek;  20-year-old Ernest Castillo, 29-year-old Keron Fernandez, Ashton Vanegas and 30-year-old Terence Fernandez. Llewelyn Lucas was widely known as Pastor Lue as he led a small congregation in Dangriga and had a radio programme on the Christian Radio station in that community.

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