Pastor Scott Stirm spoke to witness in Pastor Wade’s case

As we have reported before, Pastor Wade went to follow a story in San Ignacio almost 6 months ago where he alleges that he was almost run over by a red vehicle while videoing a newly built stadium. Wade showed the footage of that assault on his Rise and Shine program the following day where viewers informed him that the person in the truck was Robert Montero, the son of Rene Montero, Minister of Works. Wade made an announcement on air that he would need to make a police report but before he could go to Cayo and do so, Robert Montero beat him to the punch and made a police report of his own, saying that Wade cursed him and assaulted him. Wade contends that the charges are totally false and informed police that he has witnesses and video evidence of what transpired. Police constantly asked Wade for his video evidence but did not interview any of Wade’s witnesses.  Pastor Scott Stirm, Vice President of NEAB and co host on Rise and Shine, this morning said that he personally met and spoke to one witness who police say they could not find.vlcsnap-2017-05-23-21h20m22s760

Scott Stirm, Pastor: I was with you when we went to pursue witnesses to find out if they saw anything, “Yes I saw everything, I stopped what I was doing and I came over by the fence.” But Louis, for me, I think one of the worst things in this situation is that the OC did not tell the truth when he went to media. We went there the morning and you were told to come out there for the afternoon, and we were told no don’t come out there for the afternoon, go there first thing in the morning. We went there in the morning and you were told you have to wait for the investigating officer because he comes  in at 3:30. The investigating officer, that was the same person that was removed afterwards. I know OC said look there’s only been 1 investigating officer. I was right there, we were a part of the whole thing, I was there with you through the whole thing; and back to our Asian friend, “Some ting wang.” Why is somebody not able to be completely honest and tell the truth. Something is seriously out of whack, it’s clearly obvious that there’s a political directorate to this whole thing.vlcsnap-2017-05-25-21h01m04s094

Wade pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court last Friday and is awaiting the judge’s decision as to whether to proceed with the case or not following submissions from both sides.

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