Patrick Andrews comments on Jose Chacon’s move to the UDP

vlcsnap-2015-10-06-21h10m09s219Yesterday we told you about Jose Chacon’s sudden switch from the People’s United Party to the United Democratic Party some 30 days before the general elections. Chacon, who in March of this year ran as the PUP Mayoral candidate and lost to now UDP Mayor Khalid Belisle, announced via a UDP Press
release that he has severed all ties with the PUP and is now pledging allegiance and support to UDP incumbent standard bearer John Saldivar.  Chacon essentially abandoned the PUP standard bearer Patrick Jason Andrews just a few weeks before elections . We asked Andrews, who was a guest on Rise and Shine this morning, what were his thoughts and feelings on this sudden jumping of ships that Chacon pulled.  Here is what he had to say.

Patrick Jason Andrews; PUP Standard Bearer: What unfolded with my friend Jose yesterday is the very reason why I got involved in politics. To be honest with you, it makes me sad. It breaks my heart because the UDP has created a culture in this country where they rule through fear and intimidation. Worse so, over the last seven years they have tried to break and cripple many people to the point of almost where their back is up against the wall where they have to either chose between dying or bending on their knees to try and come to them. And this is the, to me, if this does not backfire on John Saldivar in Belmopan Central? To me, I believe in providence, Louis, and I believe that the people of Belmopan and central need to understand that this is the way how the UDP have ruled for the last vlcsnap-2015-10-06-21h09m29s42eight years. We have so many people in this country that have been targeted, that have been oppressed, and then at the end of the day, the UDP comes to you and tell you, you know what, I can help you out but you have to do these certain things.

And while those are the PUP Standard Bearer’s sentiments on the Chacon issue, it appears that some in the UDP camp are not too happy with Chacon’s move to the UDP. One person, who identified himself as Erik Bennett from the Tiger Town area of Belmopan, called into the show to express his displeasure with Chacon’s sudden shift in allegiance.  He said that he was upset that he, who has been a faithful UDP supporter for a number of years, has been unable to reap the benefits that the new comer Jose Chacon is already receiving from the party.

Rise and Shine caller: This is Erik Bennett from Tiger Town. Excuse me , sir, I am calling concerning Mr. Chacon’s issue.

Rise and Shine Host: All right, just don’t say anything defamatory in the process.

Rise and Shine caller: I am very, very sad. You know why? Because I was, from yesterday came on, I nuh know weh fi go. I was a hardcore UDP. Mr. Chacon cursed me last Town Board elections very well. He shamed me [in] front of people and now he want come da fu we camp. You think I happy? I nuh happy none at all. You know. I nuh happy none at all, bredda. I mi di campaign all the while for UDP, but from yesterday on. I no know weh fi go.

Rise and Shine Host:  What is your name?vlcsnap-2015-10-06-21h09m56s59

Rise and Shine caller: …They will give Mr. Chacon? How about we? Their own campaigners who deh behind John for the last ten, fifteen years? What about we? What about we? What- about- we! Thank you very much.

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