Patrick Andrews is new PUP Standard Bearer for the Belmopan Constituency





One thousand nine hundred and ninety three persons showed up for Sunday’s People’s United Party Convention in Belmopan. They gathered at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School, to vote for their favorite candidate running for the PUP Standard Bearer for the Belmopan Constituency. The convention dragged on from morning to dusk; but the hundreds of steadfast supporters did not budge. They eagerly awaited the announcement of their new representative. PUP Chairman Henry Usher read the results of the convention and announced Belmopan’s new PUP Standard Bearer.

vlcsnap-2013-11-05-07h45m45s154Henry Usher – PUP Chairman

“In all, we had 1993 votes casted today.   Ms. Ruth Supall received 245 votes; Mr. Oscar Mira received 292 votes; Dr. Amin Hegar received 652 votes and te new candidate for Belmopan, Patrick Jason Andrews received 788 votes.   We had a total of 16 rejected ballots.   So, that that is what makes up the 1993 votes today.”

Patrick Andrews, as the new PUP Standard Bearer for the Belmopan Constituency, recited an oath, pledging his loyalty to the party.

vlcsnap-2013-11-05-07h46m05s101Patrick Andrews – PUP Standard Bearer for Belmopan

“I, Patrick Jason Andrews, pledge to work for the aims and achievements of the peaceful constructive Belizean revolution, and not to be a member or supporter of any other political party or organization which principals, policy, or programs are contrary to, or inconsistent with those of the People’s United Party, so help me God.”

“I through a message to John Saldivar.  His days are numbered.  We have found him wanting.  We are embarking on a journey that will have a tremendous victory for the People’s United Party.  Thank you, and God bless Belize.”

General elections are about three years away and Patrick Andrew will be facing incumbent UDP Area Representative John Saldivar on that day.

Late Monday evening, the People’s United Party, issued a statement congratulating Patrick Andrews on his win, while applauding the effort and commitment displayed by the other candidates. As to Mr Andrews, the PUP says “It welcomes the infusion of new blood to restore hope and to bring about the change necessary for the progress and development of our country.” The party affirms that have pledged their support and commitment to working with the new Standard Bearer.

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