Patrick Faber sponsors constituency trip from Petrocaribe?

The endorsement of Darrell Bradley as UDP Caribbean Shores standard bearer was held on Sunday in Belize City and featured multiple guest speakers including Minister of Education and Collet representative Patrick Faber. Opening his address, Faber said he had just come back from Corozal where constituents had traveled for an afternoon out of Belize City. But he seemed to suggest that the spending for this trip came from Petrocaribe funds. He explains it in his own words.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Educationvlcsnap-2015-06-09-10h35m43s58

“I want to start off this afternoon by thanking our government and thanking our Prime Minister who will be with us shortly for Petrocaribe funds. I am just back…I had to rush back cause I promised Darrel I would be back in time to speak at this convention, but my friends we were able in the Collet constituency to roll twenty-two loaded buses to Corozal Town today and we had a wonderful family day courtesy of Petrocaribe and our Prime Minister the Hon. Dean Barrow. We danced to Jorge Ernesto Babb and the Caribbean roots band. We bathe up inna di sea…you know the beautiful Corozal Bay sea weh look turquoise and milky and beautiful…we eat tacos and we eat pibil and we eat BBQ. We had a feast.” 

While not going into details, Faber said what mattered more than anything else is the bonding between his supporters and those from Corozal.

Patrick Faber

“But most importantly we bonded as the Collet family and we were able as well to share with the constituencies of the North….Corozal North, Corozal Bay, Corozal South-east and Corozal Southwest, and it would not have been possible if we did not have the kind of support from our Prime Minister and Party Leader, but also from the Petrocaribe funds.”

Critics of the spending of Petro Caribe funds and the subsequent bill giving GOB spending discretion without Parliament consideration, cite the possibility of the use of the funds for political mileage by the UDP as opposed to sustainable national development.

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