Patrick Menzies promoting July as National Constitution Awareness Month

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-08h42m27s183The month of July is National Constitution Awareness Month, or so decrees  Patrick Menzies. Professor Menzies has gone on a 24 hour rally at the steps of the National Assembly in Belmopan. Now Mr Menzies is embarking on another initiative to promote awareness of Beize’s constitution, specifically section 69 of the preamble.

Patrick Menzies – President of Belize Can

“It’s the preamble, and it’s mainly section 69. The preamble covers the basic rights of Belizeans.  It covers the rights that all people in Belize, all, are basically equal, and we all have the same rights.  When we share it, we also can show where the new laws are violating that particular thing, because they’re trying to give a small group, which is men who have sex with men, special privileges that are not afforded to them by the Constitution.  All Belizeans are equal as human beings, and that’s it.” 

The event will be held at the foot of the National Assembly Building throughout the month of July.

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