Patrick Menzies says he intends to change his approach







It turned out to be another rainy day for Patrick Menzies and some of his company, However, like he has proven in other occasions, his fiery nature did not sway him and still went on with what was scheduled to be the last leg of the demonstration.

vlcsnap-2013-10-30-08h03m19s168Mr. Patrick Menzies- Activist

“We are planning in waiting out here, starting tomorrow until the government gives us an answer.   We are going to be here in small groups; we aren’t going to violate any law, but we are going to be here.   It’s not going to be a meeting.   We’ll get signatures and we’ll take it down to government and we are going to wait for them to come and address us”.

Reporter:  “Did you get any response from the signatures that you handed out to government I think last week?”

Mr. Patrick Menzies:  “We’ve gotten no response from the government on anything”.

 Reporter:  “Are the kids are going to be out of school.   Are you still pushing fr that?”

Mr. Patrick Menzies:  “The kids are out of school right now.   We are waiting for the government to tell us to put them back into school and they will tell us that once they sign a form and tell us or guarantee to us that they are going to back off from what they are doing.   I think you read the form.   The form is very clear: the government must back off for us to back off.

The HFLE Manual is not currently in the schools.  I can guarantee you that, but I cannot guarantee you what’s going to happen in the future.   We are not here only because of what’s happening; we are here to stop what may happen in the future.   We have been advised by what is in black and white”.

vlcsnap-2013-10-30-08h03m40s113Follower/Mother:   (Spanish) “Cuando escucholo que dice esa escritura de que van a sobornar a los ninos; van a ensenar cosas de vulgaridades desde temprana edad, yo creo que estan cometiendo el peor error porque estan violando el reglamento y los principios cristianos de las madres, de los padres que luchan por sus hijos por ensenarles algo bueno”.

(English interpretation)

“When I listen to what that script says that they are going to bribe the children; they will teach them vulgarities from an early age, I think they are committing the worst mistake because they are violating the rules and the Christian principles of their mothers, of their fathers that struggle for their children to teach them something good”.

vlcsnap-2013-10-30-08h03m49s0Father/Follower:   (Spanish) “Algun dia lo van a saber.   A su temprana edad, se habla de violencia y violacion sexual, y eso es lo que se esta haciendo, influyendole una mala ensenanza a los ninos desde pequenos”.

(English interpretation)

“They will come to know of it one day.   At their early age it is talked about violence and rape and that is what is being done, influencing a wrong teaching onto the kids at an early age”.

vlcsnap-2013-10-30-08h03m40s113Follower/Mother:  (Spanish) “Nosotros no proponemos que los saquen a los homosexuales fuera de su mundo, pero nos oponemos que es ensenen eso a los ninos desde su temprana edad”.

(English interpretation)

“We do not propose that the homosexuals be taken out of their world, but we oppose that the kids be taught about that at a tender age”.

Mr. Patrick Menzies:  “There are a lot of ministers that were once with us, evangelical ministers that are being pulled away from the organization and, Belizeans, you will see it play out as we go along but have been pulled away for whatever reason.   These ministers do not agree with what is happening, but they have no choice: either they are ministry or they continue to stand for what the Constitution says”.

vlcsnap-2013-10-30-08h06m18s159Disgruntled Female Follower:  (Spanish) “Vengo y te pido a ti mi hermano, por que te vendistes, mi hermano?   Hablo contigo, hablo pastor, porque yo se que lastimosamente hay muchos pastores que se vendieron con el gobierno”.

(English interpretation)

“I come to you and ask you, my brother, why did you sell yourself, my brother?   I speak to you, pastor, because I know that pitifully, that sold themselves to the government”.

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