Patrick Menzies says Occupy Belmopan is over, but Inform Belize is beginning

vlcsnap-2014-08-01-07h54m35s120It has been 45 days since Patrick Menzies and the Alliance of Ministers and Leaders first launched Occupy Belmopan. For the 45 days and 44 nights , someone representing the Alliance was there to keep the spirit of Occupy Belmopan alive. Through this initiative, Professor Menzies hoped to pressure the Government to do a number of things, including the complete retraction of the gender policy.  But with no response from the Government, Mr Menzies and the Alliance are switching gears. In a press release issued this morning he stated that “Occupy Belmopan will now explode into Inform Belize.”  But when we got to the National Assembly steps for the rally, no fireworks were insight. So we asked Patrick Menzies what was the difference.

vlcsnap-2014-08-01-07h55m18s220Patrick Menzies – President of Belize Can

“The difference between ‘Occupy Belmopan’ and ‘Inform Belize’ is that in Inform Belize we’re now going to have this taken to each community, each village, each town, each city, whereby the local churches will be responsible to put signs around the towns, around the cities, and the villages.  They will put these signs up, to be able to share with the Belizeans what the Gender Policy is about. It will basically say something like this, ‘Gender Policy, Deadly Poison.’

According to Patrick Menzies, this phase of Inform Belize includes going to various churches that would have him.

vlcsnap-2014-08-01-08h02m26s178Patrick Menzies

“By going into the community, we will bypass those politically connected preachers, and inform their people what the reality is on the ground, because they’re not doing their job.  Supposedly, some of the same Evangelical Association Pastors were supposed to be talking and sharing this with English Churches.  They’re not doing their job, and instead they are playing politics.”   

Professor Menzies stands firm in his belief that physical intimacy between members of the same sex at all levels should be illegal.

Patrick Menzies

“We agree it should be modified, but the modification must be in a way that will now look at gender expressions, and consider that as a problem, not only the fact that behind closed doors John and Joe are having carnal intercourse, but also the fact for a man and a man to walk down the street holding hands, kissing, caressing, that should also be considered a crime in Belize.  We’ll cover how we’re looking at introducing that particular language.”

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