Patriotic Poetry Competition in Belmopan

On Friday, the Belmopan September Celebration’s committee partnered with Kerasi’s Restaurant to have the First annual Patriotic poetry competition. The event was opened to the general public but contained only members of the Belmopan Comprehensive high school.

Jacqueline Burns – Literature Teacher

vlcsnap-2014-09-16-11h14m21s203“It was a wonderful event.  We had a dozen participants.  They were all really good.  We had three judges who selected the winners. 

The winner in first place is Miss Jaycee Young.  Congratulations Jaycee. Miss Monica Zear came in second, and Miss Marion Alamella came in third.   

They were all wonderful presenters. We had a group of students that were dynamic.  I want to encourage them to continue writing, continue putting themselves out there in competitions like this one.”

The winner received $200.  $100 and $50 were giving to second and third place respectively. The September celebrations committee promises to make the Patriotic Poetry Competition an annual event opened to the general  public.

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