PC With Sticky Fingers Arraigned in San Pedro

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Police officer Dean Perez, a 26 year old attached to the San Pedro Police Station, is being accused for having “sticky fingers” and has seen been arrested and charged.

The San Pedro Sun Reports that the alleged theft occurred during an investigation on October 5th , at the residence of Jose Hernandez.

Reports are that while inquiring about his identity, PC Perez took Mr Hernandez’s identification documents, and with it $600 and a $400 cell phone.

As a result, following complaint made by Jose Hernandez, PC Perez was positively identified during an ID parade.

Constable Perez was arraigned on Tuesday in the San Pedro Magtistrate’s Court, for the crime of theft. He was granted bail in the sum of $2,000, and ordered to return to court on December 5th.  As part of his bail he has been ordered to stay away from Jose Hernandez.

Reports from San Pedro are that PC Perez has also been placed on interdiction, and has had his salary halved pending the conclusion of the case. Furthermore PC Perez is also facing an internal police investigation that could end up before the Police Tribunal.

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