PCC donates Exhibits Room to Twin Towns’ Police


The Peoples Coalition of Cayo (PCC) has been working closely with the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Police formation over recent years.
Another gesture taken by the PCC which affirms its commitment to the community and Police was the handing over of a forty foot container. For many months the PCC worked at converting the container into a much needed Exhibits Room where physical evidence can be securely stored in an organized fashion.

PCC Representative:
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-19h26m27s163They were casually discussing the need of the Police generally.. Specifically they asked what they could do to help the Police in San Ignacio.  Knowing that we we’re prompting the Police Station for space, and that the Evidence Room that they currently use was in such bad state, he thought that that was one of the very good things, very urgent, important things that the Police could do it. Sometime later the two got together again, and the official at the US Embassy told Julian that “We have this 40 foot container. If it could be used, and could be turned into an Exhibits Room, we would donate it to you, plus we would donate the materials with which to do it.”  The PCC has to find the labour component of it.  A partnership was born there and we got it done.

While the PCC facilitated the installation and makeover of the container to be suitable for the storage of evidence, it was made possible through the donations received from community members. Officer Commanding of the twin towns is Supt. Ralph Moody.

Supt. Ralph Moody – Officer Commanding of the twin towns:
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-19h27m11s120It will be the similar process.  All that happens, we will put more security features in place.  A sergeant will be in charge.  At the entrance of that Exhibit Room there’s a room special for person or persons picking up exhibits, for example a Court Orderly, and they’ll have only access to that location and not into the exhibit room.  What we want to do, we want to keep a high standard, so that we don’t have any sort of contamination, or anyone to tamper with our exhibits. 
It will assist us in having better quality exhibits, and to maintain the exhibit in its normal state.

It should be noted that the evidence container has been given the stamp of approval by the National Forensics Service and is being hailed as the first of its kind in the country.

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