Peace march in Independence: remembering Victor Pau

The Student Government of Independence Junior College organized a peace march in their community on Wednesday, January 17. The idea for the march stems from the still unsolved murder of one of their colleagues in that community. You may recall that in December of last year,  twenty one year old Victor Pau’s body was discovered on a Sunday morning.  It had been left on the side of the road in Independence Village after a group of men attacked him on Saturday night. He had been stabbed several times. No one has been arrested as yet. Today, we spoke via phone to the Dean of Independence Junior College, Marie Young, who told us more about yesterday’s march.

Marie Young- Dean Independence Junior College:

The teachers we saw a need to have a public awareness for the community to be aware that we must stand for peace and we must fight against the issue of violence in a peaceful demonstration. Im making the public awareness because the police havent been told. With that said its like were giving a concern. We want peace in our community, we want Independence to be a community of peace and show that we continue this love and unity among our people and we stand up for that. Some of the messages range from lets advocate for peace, dont be silent, if you know what is happening  out there lets bring the case to a closure, speak out in the community against injustice and violence. So we are insuring that the community is not silent, you must speak out it was a campaign to make sure that we keep peace and continue the effort of peace and tranquility in our community.

Pau was the secretary of the Student Government and the Dean of the school described him as hardworking and committed.

 Marie Young- Dean Independence Junior College:

He came from a humble home. He was a minor distant gentle man. He was a very caring and supportive gentleman. He was also a part of the student Government, he was the secretary. So he was somebody who was very supportive in the class room, very kind and caring towards teachers and also students. He was always active in all the student government initiatives. He insured that he was always there in all the activities. And when i say he came from a humble home he was one of the breadwinners. At night he was a security officers to insure that he brought home money to help his family and to help him in school. During the day, he attended school he still found time to assist the schools extracurricular activities and to support the movements within the institution.

Students and teachers alike joined in the rally at Triangle Park following the peace march saying that justice in the death of Victor Pau is needed as well as peace in their community.

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