Pedestrian Knocked Down and Killed on Highway

p;olice badge Belize 1Shortly after that accident, there was another one, fatal as well.  Glen Crawford reported that he was driving a Ford Ranger Pick-up truck on the Phillip Goldson Highway travelling from the direction of Belize City heading towards the Haulover Bridge.

He said that a  motor vehicle was coming from the opposite direction with high beam lights which obstructed his view and to prevent an accident, he drove to the right side of the Highway and hit a Hispanic male identified as 27-year-old Mario Choc.

Choc was walking on the side of the road and received injuries to both of his legs, right hand and head.

Choc was transported to K.H.M.H via the Bert Ambulance for medical treatment but died while undergoing surgery. A notice of intended Prosecution was served on Glenn Crawford.//[

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