Pedro Cruz paints mural in San Ignacio







Pedro Cruz, a long time artist, has done many cultural paintings for tourist attraction in Belize. One of his biggest contributions for the San Ignacio Town is the mural he painted beside the San Ignacio Police Station in 1991. 22 years have passed and now he’s at it again, painting over the same wall located close to the Hawkesworth Bridge. Pedro Cruz spoke to PlusNews and told us a bit more about the mural.

Pedro Cruz – Artist:

vlcsnap-2013-08-19-13h19m10s184We’re trying to paint the history of San Ignacio, detaining some of the fauna and flora of our beautiful nation.  But mainly we’ll focus on the historical events of Cayo and what made the Cayo District very popular in the past, like the mahogany cutting. 

Last week Thursday I commenced basing the wall.  It took about a day to base the wall completely.  It’s not one of the best walls.  It’s pretty rough, but I based it.  Friday morning, I commenced the artwork.  I painted through Saturday.  I was hindered Sunday by the weather, also Monday.  I resumed yesterday.  I see another week, maybe a week and a half of painting to complete this project.  It should be slated to complete by the end of August, where it will be to commemorate the celebrating of the national holidays. 

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