Penner arraigned for death of man in traffic accident

Elvin Penner was arraigned this afternoon at the San Ignacio Magistrate’s court.  Three charges were brought against him for the June 23rd death of Kenrick Myvette . Those charges are manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct,  and driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention. Bail was set at five thousand dollars plus one surety of the same amount with bail condition that if he is to leave the country, he should inform the court with 3 days advance notice. The former government minister knocked down and killed 41 year old Unitedville resident, Kenrick Anthony Myvette, as he overtook a minivan.  After his arraignment today, Penner gave his version of what happened that night on the George Price Highway.vlcsnap-00283

Elvin Penner, Former UDP Minister: I came home from work very late, I checked my time and exactly at 6:56 is when I called 911. It was on a straight stretch there in front of Running W, where you can see clearly all the way to Esperanza and the fact the vehicle in front of me was vlcsnap-00348travelling fairly slowly. So I remember looking ahead didn’t see anything coming and processed to overtake and I did not see the cycle coming from the front until it was just feet in front of me. The only instinct I had at the time was to do whatever I could to miss the cycle and I swerved immediately to the right hitting the vehicle beside me because we all know that someone in a vehicle is safer than someone on a bike so the idea was to hit the vehicle in the process trying to avoid the cycle, but unfortunately there was not enough space and the cycle still clipped the front of the vehicle and hence the incident happened. A lot of people believe what they want, they might not want to believe me but i honestly did not see the cycle coming. I’ve spoken to the two witnesses in the other vehicle that I hit in the process, both of them didn’t the see the cycle coming either.

Interviewer: So no light was on the cycle?

Elvin Penner, Former UDP Minister: I cannot say there was no light on, all I can say we did not see the cycle. All the indications are that being that I overtook it’s my responsibility and it will stay that way for now, but really truly I still don’t know why I didn’t see the cycle.

Penner was asked if he was admitting guilt to the charges laid against him.

Elvin Penner, Former UDP Minister: Well in terms of the legal charges they normally give you are based on traffic laws. So based on the traffic laws, yes indeed the guilt would be on my part but in terms of the negligence or purposely doing something or overseeing something or doing something wrong, I don’t see how because I really did not see the cycle coming.vlcsnap-00346

Penner also expressed condolences to the family of the deceased and said he would do anything in is power to assist the family.

 Elvin Penner, Former UDP Minister: I’d like to express my very sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. I could not be sadden by the fact that someone has died. A family has lost their loved one; a beautiful young girl is left without a father, a common-law wife is left without a husband and I can only imagine what they’re going through. it has been a tough time for me and my family as well, it’s something I would’ve never ever dreamt of could’ve happen to me but only God knows why things happen and I have to have the faith on why it happened for a reason and sometime in the future hopefully I get the message through the good lord and why it happened but again my condolences to the family. I have been contacted with the family since the ever first day of the incident, especially the spouse and the mother and some of the other family members and I’ve tried my ever best to be there for them as much as I can. If I could get my hands on a million dollars to bring back the life of their love one I could do that, but unfortunate that’s not how life goes. I know there preparing to bury their love one, I can be vlcsnap-00284there whenever I can assist them. So far my communication with them is positive. I think they do understand it was an accident that I personally still can’t believe and understand why it happened, but it happened and whatever I can do even from now going forward for the family I will certainly try my best to do whatever’s in my power to do to assist them in terms of insurance. I’ve spoken with the insurance agent from Monday, because they were closed when the accident happened, from Monday on vie been in communication with them asking them; what to do? How to do it? To best assist the family as best as possible. Even at the point of the accident, instinct kicked in right away the first thing was to call 911 which I did hoping the ambulance would come. Realizing after a while the San Ignacio ambulance wouldn’t come, I then quickly called Spanish lookout ambulance and then they did come in a fairly short time. of course, being shocked and at the same time very optimistic the young man Myette was responding well to questions and conversation that we had with him while he wasvlcsnap-00348 on the ground so I was very optimistic that he was going to make it. But like I said, only the good lord above knows why he allows things to happen the way it happen and I just have to have faith in God that he will provide the family with strength to carry on. To get whatever agencies I’ll be able to get to assist the young child to have a good future, but I have been very sadden myself and my family have been going through with a rough time but the good things is that we have faith and we believe whatever happen happened for a reason and he will have a way forward and whatever happened was very unfortunate and like i said i have been very sadden by the fact.

Penner is to return to court on October 27th. Police say the test results for alcohol content in samples given by Penner have not yet been concluded.

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