Penner Recall Petitioners Not Allowed to Vote?

But while over a thousand supporters came out to vote during Sunday’s UDP convention, several voters were denied that privilege.

vlcsnap-2014-06-09-19h23m38s153Rejected Voter of Cayo Northeast UDP Convention

“They refused me.  They no want mek I vote.  They say that da because them see me gone sign the PUP ballot.  That’s a bad idea because PUP di do that because when PUP mek them convention, PUP and UDP vote.  So, why dehn cant do the same thing?”


Plus News understands that the reason several individuals were not allowed to vote was because they had signed the Elvin Penner recall petition in October of last year which was being headed by the People’s United Party.

vlcsnap-2014-06-09-22h06m20s0Alberto August- UDP Chairman  

 “In any convention, there are some people that we will not allow them to vote.  Some of those people are tempted to vote, and based on the agreement between the candidates, they were not allowed to vote this time in this convention”.


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