Penner’s Ministerial Perks Stripped by Cabinet, Integrity Commission to be Constituted

vlcsnap-2014-01-20-18h38m54s14But that’s not all the housekeeping that Cabinet did today, in fact, the Prime Minister has required ex-Minister Elvin Penner to turn in the Government vehicle that he kept, after removal from Cabinet. As Chair of a House Committee, Hon. Penner will also lose the chairmanship of that House Committee, on Public Utilities, Transport and Communications.

As well, the Prime Minister, as Minister of Finance, has instructed the Financial Secretary to require every Area Representative, upon pain of losing the stipend, to account for the $2,300 monthly allocation provided for constituency office rental and secretarial services.

Finally, following consultations between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, the Integrity Commission will be formally constituted at next month’s sitting of the House.

The Commission will be chaired by former FIU Director Marilyn Williams.  Cabinet says that today’s resolution is in an effort to combat any suggestion that the Administration would not resolutely act to put a stop to Ministerial or official wrongdoing.

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