Perfilio Rodriquez back in court; this time for burglary

Perfilio Rodriguez, a transvestite who goes by the name of Vanessa Champagne Paris, made his way into the public spotlight in early April 2014, when he was allegedly attacked by an angry mob, who followed him as he dressed in woman’s clothing, and was walking along Vernon Street, Belize City.

Then on June 3rd earlier this year, after spending two nights in prison, Perfilio was released on bail and arraigned in court on August 29th, for allegedly assaulting Gilda Orozco, the sister of UNIBAM’s Caleb Orozco, an incident that allegedly occurred on June 29th at a house in Zericote Street, Belize. His next court date for this matter is scheduled for October tenth.

However, according to Police reports, Perfilio is allegedly back in prison a month prior to his scheduled court date. According to Independence Police, Perfilio Rodriguez was arraigned at the Independence Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday September 17th for the crime of burglary and handling stolen goods.

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