Pete Matthews beats burglary charge

28 year old George “Pete” Matthews, Jr., son of the famous bandleader, was acquitted of a charge of aggravated burglary by Chief Magisttrate Ann-Marie Smith. However, he will serve six months in prison for using threatening words and pay a fine of $200 for trespassing. The fine is due by September 30, in default six months. On October 20, 2014, Matthews is accused of illegally entering the home of Derrick Staine Sr on a street running off Lacroix Boulevard in the Lake Independence area and holding up his 13 year old son with a knife. While the boy was the only person at home at the time, Matthews began a search of the house for his ex-girlfriend Shantel Staine, the boy’s older sister, but apparently did not find her. Half an hour previously he had been at the home of Reina Staine, Shantel’s younger sister, located about two blocks away, and threatened Reina with her life and that of her parents and grandmother. Matthews denied committing the offences from the witness stand, saying that he had been with his current girlfriend at the time of the reported break-in.

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