Peter King Contreras sentenced to prison for murder of mother-in-law

vlcsnap-2013-06-20-18h24m11s155Peter King Contreras, who pleaded guilty to strangling his 50 year old mother-in-law to death, was sentenced to 15 and a half years behind bars.  The murder happened 12 days before Christmas of 2010. Police say that on that day, Contreras offered his then mother-in-law 50 year old Argentina Garcia a ride in his vehicle. That is where they got into an argument and according to Contreras’ caution statement, he then punched Garcia twice in her face.  A struggle ensued and Garcia tried to get out of the car, but that’s when Contreras used a rope, pulled her back into the vehicle and choked her to death.   Contreras then drove around the Ladyville area all afternoon with the body of Garcia in his car trunk. That afternoon, police on mobile patrol stopped to do a regular check and when Contreras couldn’t provide his driver’s license, they did a search of the vehicle and found the woman’s body. In court last week, Contreras pleaded to the lesser charge of manslaughter. During mitigation, Contreras took the stand and told the court that he was sorry for killing Garcia and that that the guilt he has to live with today is a heavy burden to bear. Justice Lucas sentenced him to 18 years. Two years were chopped off however due to the time he has already been in prison on remand.

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