Petrocaribe “explained” by Senator Hulse

In the wake of revelations by Minister of Education and Collet representative Patrick Faber during a political convention on Sunday that Petrocaribe funds were spent on a jaunt by constituents to Corozal, those fighting for law and order have come out swinging, contending that such spending was not contemplated in the idea of how the Venezuelan-funded project was to work. According to Minister of Immigration and Nationality and proponent of political reform Senator Godwin Hulse, this is because people do not understand how the funding works – it is and remains part of Belize’s revenue stream through the Consolidated Revenue Fund. The Minister also explained his understanding of the Corozal party.

Hon. Godwin Hulse – Minister of Labour vlcsnap-2015-06-11-11h23m37s155 - Copy

“My understanding is that – that’s part of his mother’s day money.”


“The chamber of commerce has brought out a release saying that sort of use of petrocaribe money is contrary to what the money was intended for.”

Hon. Godwin Hulse

“You have to understand petrocaribe money, for that I would have to do a show for you which I’m planning to do. This morning I heard the Hon. Mark Lizaraga on Love FM but really there needs to be some clarity, structural clarity with what petrocaribe is from the beginning through to the end so the public will understand. One of the things about petrocaribe you have to understand, there’s no such thing as some sort of special petrocaribe some where money that is being dipped in. It’s part of monies that are going into the consolidated fund and the consolidated fund has it’s own wide uses as approved in government budget and supplementary budget. So petrocaribe money flows into that funds, the same way tax money flows in there, GST money flows in there and any other money flow in that fund. Then it’s dispersed through the various appropriations that have been approved. So when the prime minister this mother’s day money and all of these monies that are given out are part of that flow that are recorded through the supplementary, etc. It’s hard to say, okay they gone dip into petrocaribe because you can also say this is part of GST money, this is part of business tax money. It’s all a flow into the consolidated fund and a flow out of the consolidated fund into these various programmes. They didn’t take a special money and give any of the representatives, it comes through the Ministry of Human Development, which is part of the flow out the consolidated fund – and we need to understand that concept.”


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