PG Magistate’s Court damaged by fire

PG Magistrates-Court-FirePG Court fire






Authorities in Punta Gorda are investigating the circumstances which led to the partial destruction of the local Magistrate Court. While on patrol early Monday morning, officers stumbled upon a raging fire on the property. The estimated loss is reported to be some thirty thousand dollars, as the fire razed through the administrative offices located at the back of the assembly room, destroying a number of office equipment, furniture as well as a few documents. The Court Administrator reassured the public, particularly those who have put up land documents as surety for persons they bailed that those files are secured. Those documents as well as others salvaged are being stored at the Police Department until the Magistrate Court is able to refurbish the building. There was some disruption in the day’s affair due to the fire, but court continued as usual. Fortunately, the Punta Magistrate Court only just completed the relocation and computerization of legal records to Belize City.

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