PG remains red

Punta Gorda also remained red in this Municipal Elections. Ashton Mckenzie ,mayor Elect, garnered  1,181  votes.  The UDP Councillors will be Kevin Choc who received 1,083 votes, Winston Chun with 1,105 votes,  Joicelyn Dawson with 1,093  votes,  Cindy Martinez with 1,152 votes,  Franklin Polonio with ,1264 , he had the most votes in that municipality, and  Raynel Tate with 1145 votes. Over the last two weeks in Punta Gorda, the United Democratic Party put in a lot of work to bring in the south for the Red Team. Prime Minsiter Dean Barrow was also in the south at rallies held just before elections.   The UDP garnered 1,570 more votes than the People’s United Party in PG. As for the third Party, Belize Progressive Party, they received a total of 1,105 votes. Of the 3,895 registered voters in that municipality, 59.41% turned out to vote. 

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