Pharmacists’ Association Appeals to Labour Ministry

The dispute between the Ministry of Health and the Pharmacists’ Association of Belize could be settled by the Ministry of Labour.

Minister of Labour, Senator Godwin Hulse confirmed today that the machinery is in motion to file a formal complaint.

vlcsnap-2014-05-15-19h08m36s144Senator Godwin Hulse- Minister of Immigration and Labour

“The Labour Commissioner who is the person responsible has written back to them.  I think that in fact, he wrote yesterday, please outline the areas of dispute, because the letter ask us to intervene in this dispute but the areas of this dispute has not been detailed.  So, first of all, we have to be clear that there is a dispute.  Normally, a dispute arises between the employee and the employer.  In this case the dispute is not between the employee or the employer; the employer being the Government of Belize and the employee in question being Miss Contreras, and there seems to be no dispute between them.  So, the Department wants to be clear where the areas of dispute are, before we can take it up.  I am trusting and hoping that before the end of the week, we’ll get back a response from them and we can move on the matter one way or the other”.

He explains the parameters of the dispute resolution method.

Senator Godwin Hulse: “Oh yes, they can; there is nothing wrong with that at all.  Just to highlight and delineate and detail the area of dispute that you are talking about so that the proper intervention can be made if any”.

Reporter:  “In terms of timeline, then the deadline for intervention wouldn’t be the 22nd.  This pushes it back”.

Senator Godwin Hulse: “Well, we take the interpretation from the space of communication.  I mean, they have communicated with us; we communicated back with them; the 21 day is to talk and respond.  So, once you respond, it could go and it must be said that it must be settled between the 21 days; it is a period to respond and we have dutifully responded within the time frame”. 

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