Philip “Fawda” Henry claims he was viciously attacked

Social Activist, Philip “Fawda” Henry says he was viciously attacked. He has identified his attackers as known supporters of the UDP. Henry, no stranger to media cameras, today told us of the attack.

Philip “Fawda” Henry:
vlcsnap-2013-07-12-20h19m07s118Approximately 5:52, I came down to the city to drop someone off to go on the bus and to buy some food for my family. At the time, I heard this screech of a vehicle come behind me and when the vehicle pulled up, I noticed that it was a vehicle from Sports Council. Everyone knows who drives the vehicle for Sports Council. They stated to chant “Oh, see the effing PUP deh, we wah deal with he now, we wa kill he.” Now, I know that no one can kill me right so, because I will defend myself. So I turned around and didn’t pay them any mind because I already saw that they were drunk, all o them were drunk in the vehicle. there were four guys and a female at the front with the driver. I turned around to pay the lady for the food and at the time when I turned around, the short guy that hangs at the United Democratic Headquarters and works at Sports Council hits me flush into my check bone, dislocate my jaw bone. I have a huge cut in my mouth. I went, I fell on top of the vendor’s stand and lost focus for a minute or two, that’s when I was hit flush into my eye.

Henry says he has been in touch with a high-ranking UDP official and intends to press charges. He says a police officer who came to his assistance was also injured.

Philip “Fawda” Henry:
vlcsnap-2013-07-12-20h19m20s8These are some political figures who don’t even have high ranking, they just get hired to do the wrong thing and they just did the wrong thing. They went about trying to make it on their own and beat me in my face. Well I wants to say to you and to the other individual, you climbed the wrong ladder. You should’ve have done that, because you what, I don’t mess with you guys. they hurt me and now I will have to take medication on my left eye. I will have to seek medical attention on my left eye. I can’t see through my left eye. This is totally ridiculous. 101% ridiculous. I am not going to leave them like this. I am going to take them to court and I am going to push it through all media houses. I am going to have it on the internet across the United States of America, so that the US knows that there are things like this in this country. The police are looking for them at this time and they will be charged and I will make sure. I will be on the air 24/7 to see that justice is served on these individuals.

Police have released no information about the incident.

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