Philip Henry and Patrick Menzies tell PLUS TV their concerns about Medical Schools in Belize

vlcsnap-2013-04-18-21h02m47s255Last week this station ran a series of stories detailing the phenomenon of medical schools in Belize. On Wednesday we featured local activist Philip “Fawda” Henry who has directed his ire at the American Global University School of Medicine (AGUSM) in Ladyville for not being forthright about their credentials and past activities. Yesterday along with University of Belize professor Patrick Menzies, they hosted a press conference in Belize City to further outline their allegations against the school. The conference was well-attended by Henry’s supporters of his Do the Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing Program. The duo, appeared this morning in Rise and Shine where Henry says that he started following up on AGUSM after being contacted by some friends in the state of Ohio.

Philip “Fawda” Henry – Activist:
vlcsnap-2013-04-24-21h07m04s86These people contacted me and said that they came to this country, saw this website saying American Global in Belize.  They told me that first, when it was in some part of the country in Belmopan, they applied.  They saw these things on-line.  Now by they coming to this country here, trying to locate this area, and seeing all these things, they pay them money, and they don’t even find this American Global.  So it started to trigger me that, if American Global exists in Belize  and [is] taking people’s money, why are they hiding?  So I took up the initiative to start to do my investigation as “Do the right thing”. I went about finding out that they were in Belmopan from 2006, removed themselves  from there to San Pedro, like an express train, then left San Pedro to Ladyville.

Henry made allegations that the Vice President of AGUSM has been convicted of crimes in the states.

Philip “Fawda” Henry – Activist:
vlcsnap-2013-04-24-20h35m29s124Peggy Allen is one of them.  She was born in Ohio. She’s an American citizen, and has been given so much opportunity to destroy my Belize, our nation, every one of you in here.  It is so disgusting that I had to call in to the morning show, and somebody has paid a female to perform for maybe 10 or 20 dollars to say stupidness against her country. She has failed us miserably. But we have to know about this.  There are multiple charges against this woman, Peggy Allen, and the cases are still pending in the United States of America.  You have the world financial network who have also a civil lawsuit against us.  You have also the State of Ohio who have a lawsuit against Peggy Allen.

Dr Menzies says he was intrigued by Allen’s telephone interview with PLUS News in which she claimed that the school has graduated 200 medical doctors.

Patrick Menzies – UB Lecturer:
vlcsnap-2013-04-24-21h08m12s252AGU are being candid. According to Peggy Allen, they graduated two hundred MDs, two hundred medical doctors. Okay. Where are they operating? I did a research on the web and guess what I found? I looked at their grads. I Googled them; I couldn’t find any of them. Only one of them I found is a sister something—I forget her name now—that graduated and is now in the U.S. of all the folks they claim to have graduated, I can’t find them. Then I went to another school, CAHSU; that’s the Belize Medical School, they were in the media. And every single one of their grads that I Googled, I found them operating in the U.S. as medical doctors. So we do have an institution here that actually works; that’s actually operating and I think it works. So we need to tell the Government hey let’s do this thing; let’s do it right and let us support those that are legitimate. But let us get rid of those that are not.

Dr Menzies, who took his concerns to the Ministry of Education this week, says more can be done.

Patrick Menzies –  UB Lecturer:
wuhs-logo3The reality is that pulling stuff out of the Ministry has been a little bit tough.  So we’re challenging the Ministry, let’s do it.  I spoke to a member, an individual, who actually is a part of that Board, and said “You know what?  This thing is not really operating”  I’m not going to give the persons name. A Senior Government Official said this thing is not working.  So basically, whoever is the one authorizing one charter for two medical universities, something smells funky.  Something isn’t right.

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