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On Friday morning the press were called to the Battlefield Park in downtown Belize City by activist Philip “Fawda” Henry. Public sentiment in the matter of the latest immigration scandal is none too kind to the Government and especially to Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Minister Godwin Hulse, who many feel have not gone far enough to address the issue. Philip Henry decided to publicly vent his frustrations and gave a lengthy address in which he railed against the Prime Minister and the Government in general. But On Friday his target was deposed Deputy Mayor of Belize City Eric Chang, whose campaign shirt he burned spectacularly at the park. Here is footage of that dramatic incident with narration from Henry.

vlcsnap-2013-10-21-07h48m44s234Mr. Phillip “Fawda” Henry- Community Activist

“I am not going to tolerate any more.   You have to understand tah this man has done wrong to my nation.   E have done wrong, Jules, and I am showing it that this must call to the attention of this country, that we must stand up for this nation.   We run this nation and it’s time to set and get it out.   He needs to go!   No Chiney, no ministah run dis country!   We have to realize what they have done wrong to our country.   We have to realize that Eric Chang has failed us and dat no Chiney run Belize!   We have to realize this.   When are we going to realize that they are failure of dis nayshan?   And dis need to stop now!   We need to stop this.   We need to call it a quit!   We need the United States to intervene and arrest this man for what he hav done wrong in this country”.

Earlier, Philip Henry said he believes Eric Chang should be arrested and lose his Belizean citizenship.

Phillip “Fawda” Henry

“I want to send this message to the United Democratic Party government: This is the time; you have failed us and when you have failed us, you know exactly what thing to do, pack up your suitcase and leave.   I want to say this to the…Godwin Hulse, caz I will not call you Honourable for the fact that you have to realize that you are a senior citizen who was once against this government who brought all kind of transparency that you were going to do this in order for the country to be better.   I heard you in your press conference used the word ‘law and order’ the movie.   Well, Godwin Hulse, leh me say this to you, I am not a fool and the people of this nation is not a fool.   This is not a movie.   This is real!   This is our passport, so listen what I want to do with you, Godwin Hulse.   I awreadih ardah wa space for you at Sister Cecilia Home.   You are a senior citizen and you need to be placed in Sister Cecilia Home.   You have no right to be in the ministry for the fact that you know what is goin’ on”.

Philip Henry also called for Senator Hulse to be institutionalized in the Sister Cecilia Home for the Elderly for “senility” and lashed out at other Ministers, the media, and the general public in occasionally salty language. But it was the burning shirt that attracted the attention of Police, who made Mr Henry put out the fire and then removed him to the nearest police station – Precinct One on Euphrates Avenue. From there he was moved to Racoon Street Police Station. While he was not ultimately charged, Philip Henry says he made his point and the Police understood that.

Phillip “Fawda” Henry

“Brother, I will say that we have a super police department here in Belize.   Mr. Segura and the Police is doing a great job in Belize.   The police know that “Fawda” knows a little of the law, and the Police Department treated me just as how the US police now I could say would treat a citizen, that you have your rights, you carry your rights.   I was placed in that vehicle, and being that time of the day and I was asked to go with them to Precinct One which we do so and then I was called to go to Raccoon Street Police Station, which I was approached by a great man again, Mr. Segura, like I state and other great police officers…I was teach the rules…I was treated like a prince!   I was treated like a prince, I treated a citizen of this country.   The police, when they first came, they state to me that they get a call or a text from someone that they are burning the Belize flag which I now that it was big lie, that I had the Belize flag around my neck, tied around my neck that I support and you will see that on the news, that I am supporting my country”.

Philip Henry is a former employee of the Belize City Council until he was fired in 2010, on the eve of the new year after public comments disparaging his then employers.

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