Piracy near Long Caye

Robberies are also happening on the waters. 36 year old Jimel Williams, a Belizean Boat Captain and Tour Guide of Belize River Lodge, reported that on July 12th at about 5:30 p.m., he was fishing onboard Skiff with the name “Belize River Lodge # 5”  on the south end of Long Caye. Along with him at the time was American Tourist,  Dan Wilcox. The men were approached by two male persons on board a dark brown aluminum skiff when one of the culprits pointed what appeared to be a 9 mm pistol at Williams and proceeded to rob both  Williams and Wilcox. They culprits also stole the also stole the  50HP Yamaha outboard engine that was on the skiff that Williams and Wilcox were on as well as their  fishing gear, all to an estimated value of $38,090.00Bcy. No one was hurt. Police are investigating.

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