Placencia Village Council supports the NCL Project






The NCL’s project on Harvest Caye has sparked much controversy over the past couple of months. Ever since the representatives of NCL discussed the project at a press a briefing in mid August, the project has been strongly opposed by the community at large. One of the main grounds for opposition has been the delicate biosphere of Harvest Caye and the idea of hundreds of tourists trampling on that natural heritage, not to mention the exhaust and other waste of the cruise ship going directly to our waters; and with the impact on the economy, Belize certainly has a lot at stake. However, amidst all the opposition, according to a press release issued on Thursday morning, the Placencia Village Council- a community that has much at risk- take a leap of faith by supporting the NCL project. Trusting that the Government knows what they are doing, they hope that the agreements that NCL and the Government drafted in the MOU- which has already been signed- will hold true to its entirety in the benefit of Belize.

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