Plane Crashes in Caribbean Sea

The skies over Belize City were unfriendly for Tropic Air Flight 281 on Thursday afternoon, as it attempted to land at the Belize City Municipal Airstrip.

Authorities are yet to confirm, but reliable information to us is that Flight 281 was coming in around 2:20, and appeared to have overshot the runway while completing its landing, and sunk into the shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea immediately off the coast. 5 persons were aboard in addition to the pilot and there are no major injuries reported.

vlcsnap-2014-12-05-05h28m19s65According to Tropic Air, the flight was a medical evacuation flight as on board was a man who had received a gunshot earlier on Thursday.

Police, coast guard and aviation personnel were out to investigate, and just before newstime this evening the plane was successfully lifted out of the waters and onto a loading truck. At the scene Minister in charge of Civil Aviation Manuel Heredia Jr. told reporters that the Department of Civil Aviation has begun its investigations, but could not offer more details.

We understand that this is the third such incident in several weeks, involving both major domestic carriers Tropic and Maya Island Air.


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