Plans in place to better secure Western border area access

We have reported on the two recent incidents at the Western border where Guatemalan press and Guatemalan soldiers have meandered over to the Belize side of the border. At least on of t hose resulted in a scuffle between a Guatemalan journalist and Belizean authorities. Today, the media caught up with Minister of Defense John Saldivar for his comments on that.

Minister of Defense John Saldivar

We did send out a release Immediately after the incident, first of all, to clarify that the believes defense force does not have a prominent presence at the border we are nearby for when problems arrive but we do not have a presence there. But we are looking at the security arrangements that currently exists with a view to correcting and taking the measures to ensure that there is not a repeat of what happened. We understand that, because of the openness of the area, that these things can happen and that this way. We are looking to see how we can close the area so that this does not occur

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