Players say the Federation Still owes them money

It has been a recurring story for a long time but at a press conference on August 14th 2014, President of FFB Ruperto Vicente told the nation it is all history. What we are talking about is the overdue monies which were owed to the Belize National A Team for their participation at the Gold Cup Qualifiers last year. The press conference highlighted the fact that CONCACAF booted out the Belmopan Bandits from the Champions League so something like overdue monies could have easily been missed. However we asked the president, plain and straight, have the monies been paid and this is what he said.

vlcsnap-2014-08-27-08h10m37s131Ruperto Vicente – President FFB

“Yes, sir.  We paid the National Team players.  We don’t owe anybody, right now.  All fees have been made to the football players.”

We however have spoken with many of the players from the National A Team who kept telling us that the federation still owes them some $400 US. One player in particular told us that though they owe him money, he has decided to brush it off his shoulders since playing football is more important to him.

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