Plus TV explores history and culture in the South

BTBWe’ve been bringing coverage of BTB’s media familiarization tour, where members of the local press were treated with a first class exploration of the country. Tonight, we take you back into history and show you what was the driving force behind the country’s initiation into the industrial era. That and more breathtaking resorts in Southern Belize. Here is day 3 of the trip.









Shadell Young:

After an early breakfast at our host hotel The Laru Beya Resort, we packed our bags and headed further down south. Our first stop was at the Serpon Sugar Mill, where hundreds of years of southern sugar history are preserved. Located one mile inside Sittee River Village, the Serpon Sugar Mill is considered to be the country’s first historical reserve and the beginning of Belize’s industrial era. The mill was established in 1865 and bought by Scottish man William Bowman, fueled Belize’s economy for some thirty years. Interesting fact – at its peak, the mill was producing and shipping close to two thousand pounds of sugar a month. What you are seeing now are the remnants of that industry. In the recent years, thanks to support from the US Ambassadors’ Fund For Cultural Preservation and Belize’s NICH – the area was restored and protected so that we can take pleasure in this technological landmark.







Following our trip to the mill, we checked into our suites at the Belizean Dreams Resort located in Hopkins Village. Now I’ve heard of Belizean Dreams before, but nothing prepared me for the breathtaking atmosphere that encapsulates the resort. Belizean Dreams – the perfect combination of modern casual elegance and resort-style service, is an all inclusive resort comprised of private villas tailored for those of us who crave relaxation and adventure. After having a quick sit down for complimentary drinks, it was around lunch time. Culinary artiste Tony Marisco and his wife Angela hosted us at Barracuda Bar and Grill at Beaches and Dreams for a finger linking feast. We wasted no time devouring our seafood meals, but lingered around the estate to take in the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.





Then back into the van we climbed and we were off for a cultural experience with the Lebeha Garifuna drumming group. The passé may be young, but they have already racked up some serious accomplishments – including winner of 2011’s Battle of the Drums as well as a Grammy nomination.







As the day winded down, the remainder of our Saturday was spent at the famed Jaguar Reef Lodge. Surrounded by acres of reef and rainforest, the resort is known for its four star accommodation, exhilarating tours and a premium Butterfly Spa. Words alone cannot do this lodge justice; so you’d certainly have to take a trip here to fully experience the treasure that is the Jaguar Reef Lodge. After having dinner at the lodge, we retired to Belizean Dreams to get some much needed rest for what was about to be the most daring day we’ve had yet.  Shadell Young reporting.

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