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PlusNews gets you a bit more familiar with an intimate resort nestled near the Sibun National Forest Reserve, as well as a popular tour corporation that offers thrilling and unforgettable adventures. Shadel Dyer-Young completes her coverage of a media familiarization tour catered and sponsored by the Belize Tourism Board.

Ms. Shadel Young- Local Media Tourist

“The final leg of our familiarization tour of the jewel took us to the central parts of the country.  The 1st stop was at the Sleeping Giant Lodge, situated in the Sibun National Forest Reserve and surrounded by over 100,000 acres of untouched wilderness.   The resort adopted its name from its location, near the mystifying Sleeping Giant Hill.   The intimate nine guest room resort is absolutely breathtaking.   It is the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure.   Outside tours offer tow sister resorts, Caves Branch include hiking, bird watching, a jungle night hike and an expedition of the celebrated Sibun River.   And though time constraint didn’t allow us to buy any one of these tours, we did sit back in this our inspiring view while chugging down complementary appetizers and drinks…and then, it was off to an afternoon of hair raising adventure at Jaguar Paw.   Accompanied by Chukka Adventure tours, w screamed our way through a series of zip lining tracks.   With all the tension in the air before the trip gone on their way, to my surprise, no one in the gang flicked out.   But if you think that zip lining on the jungle offers an unexpected experience, try exploring an underground cave.   That was next on our cave tubing tour at the Crystal Cave.  A few words alone can’t possibly do this tour just as.   So, hopefully, these photos will articulate a thousand words plus more.

And with mellow and cool spirits, came the end of a phenomenal journey; one that took us from the North to the South of Belize and crafted many friendships.   I encourage you to see the sites of our country and to get to know, at an intimate level, Mother Nature’s best kept secret.   This reminds me of T. S. Elliot:   We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all of our exploration will be to where we started from and know the Place for the first time”. 

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