PM Barrow Responds Onto the Huang-Gibson and COLA Vs. Penner Situations

vlcsnap-2014-02-18-17h29m59s99vlcsnap-2014-02-27-08h43m32s9The Prime Minister also responded to today’s announcement by COLA that it was seeking private prosecution of Elvin Penner.

Basically, he says that the organization can do as it pleases, though when we asked him if the resources of the State and in particular the files at the Immigration Department would be made available as public documents, perhaps under the Freedom of Information Act, he appeared to suggest that the personal information contained in those documents may be private, finally stating that COLA could well apply under that Act for any information it wants.

He pointed out that the UDP has distanced itself from Penner, who will not be invited to run again in the Cayo Northeast division he now represents, although he still faces possible recall if the PUP’s challenge in the courts is successful.

vlcsnap-2014-02-28-02h14m30s203Finally, the Prime Minister was asked about the mysterious Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, alleged benefactor of UDP Cayo South standard bearer Ralph Huang, who was recently elected. Huang appears to have Lord Gibson’s full confidence, even to be “elected Minister.” But the Prime Minister says he has never met the man personally and knows little of him beyond his apparent interest in Belize.

Lord Gibson, according to the P.M., has two separate companies, a bank and trust that were refused a license by the Central Bank and an international service provider offshore company that appears to be legitimate.

vlcsnap-2014-02-27-09h20m36s76Asked about his contacts with politicians in the UDP including Minister of Trade and Investment Erwin Contreras, who purportedly wrote to the Bank interceding on behalf of one of Lord Gibson’s companies, the Prime Minister said he would not be drawn into speculation and that Contreras was not wrong to act if he had any reason to believe that Gibson and his businesses are legitimate.

For their part, spokespersons for Gibson have spoken to at least one media houses to correct what they believe is inaccurate information reported about him.


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