PM confirms land returned for reserve in Placencia

Controversy erupted in Placencia over a set of land sold to persons aligned with the Barrow administration, which residents say should be set aside for a reserve. Earlier this week, Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed their return.

Dean Barrow – Prime Minister:
vlcsnap-2013-03-15-19h55m59s98There was a complaint made to me that some lands had been awarded that people in the village felt ought to form part of a reserve.  They were not then in any reserve. It stuck me that what they were saying made sense, and we had a discussion about it in Cabinet.  The Minister of Lands was instructed to reverse the transactions, even if it required compulsory acquisition, because I think at that point titles had already been awarded.  I have been informed that the reversals have in fact taken place.

Barrow was then asked if the case compared to another matter involving a PUP loyalist, Bill Lindo.

Dean Barrow – Prime Minister:
If we take the case of William Arthur Lindo, who was given Belizean Beach the Headquarters for the Coast guard, for I think the princely sum of $44,000 sold by the last Government, and who just got a judgement from the Supreme Court from the Lands Compensation Tribunal, for something in excess of $800,000, that answers your question. Compensation under the law has to be on the basis of market value.  The purposes for which the villagers said they required back the land had to do with a reserve.  I’m not too sure that the market value would be as steep as it otherwise might have been.
So I would hope that the market value would not be anything like we saw in the case of William Arthur, but the compensation has not yet been worked out.

According to the Prime Minister, the market value will determine the compensation to be paid, and the Lindo/Belizean Beach case differs from the Placencia matter.

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