PM reports on Maranco Oil status

A few weeks ago Maranco reported a gush of oil at a site in Orange Walk District. The nation has held its breath waiting to find out if the find of petroleum is in commercial quantities. Today the Prime Minister indicated that that wait will continue as the company sorts out some technical matters relating to what is coming out of the ground.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow;
vlcsnap-2013-04-29-22h29m31s193This report I got from Mr Marriott a week ago: He said the cement packer would arrive next week, and the first job will be to install and squeeze the cement into the bottom dolomite, to ensure that there’s no question of the water flowing up.  This should permanently seal off the water problem.  While this is being done, oil samples will be sent off to Panama to be laboratory tested. Once the nature of the oil has been determined by these tests, then the experts will be able to advise on the type of acid inhibitors, and other chemical additives to be used, so that they can continue to break down the drilling mud, and now the tar that is sealing off the liquid oil,  That happens then they will resume the pump testing to establish the daily pumping rate, and from that information the size of the pump will be determine to carry out the long term production test and we will then be in a position to know for sure that this find is commercial. 

If commercial the find would be the third such production in Belize following BNE’s discoveries in Spanish Lookout and Never Delay in the Cayo District.

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