PM Responds to Statement Made at BNTU Rally

vlcsnap-2014-01-24-18h21m23s0The BNTU is making quite a roar in its latest effort to get the attention of Government on a number of key national issues, including a salary adjustment expected in July.

Indeed, they have obtained GOB’s attention – Minister of Education, the Hon. Patrick Faber and the Union have been in a war of words in the past few weeks.

But at the Union’s rally in San Ignacio on Friday – it was a statement directed toward Prime Minister, the Hon. Dean Barrow that led him to make a public response today.  Barrow’s reaction comes after Senior Advisor to the BNTU,  George Fraser noted to a crowd of about 600 teachers that the PM, a few minutes before Fraser gave his presentation, phoned the Union’s Executive, requesting a meeting.

vlcsnap-2014-01-22-21h17m40s40The PM stated today, that no such request was made by him on that day.  In a statement, Barrow says

“The facts are that in a letter dated January 8, 2014 the Unions’ Negotiating Team wrote the Prime Minister asking for a meeting to discuss three areas of concern.  After receiving assurance that the meeting was to be with the Union l
eaders only, and not the full Negotiating Team, the Prime Minister agreed to the meeting on the day suggested by the Unions which is January 30th, 2014.”

The release ends,“The Prime Minister has always treated the unions with the utmost respect and courtesy, accommodating almost every meeting that they have sought, and conducting such meetings on the basis of great civility and cordiality.” 

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