PM says Castellanos requested medical retirement


Policy analyst for the Ministry of Agriculture and Former Union Negotiator and President of the Association of Public Service Senior Managers (APSSM), Jose Castellanos, has gone AWOL since writing to the Prime Minister last week to announce he would resign from those positions because of alleged intimidation. Today, the Prime Minister refuted allegations that GOB had a hand in his stepping down, stating that Castellanos himself wanted to leave because he had a medical problem:

DEAN BARROW – Prime Minister:
vlcsnap-2013-02-06-19h36m08s11I’m not sure how much you knew about the sequence of events, but Mr Catellanos had applied to go off medically unfit, so that he could get all his benefits, from August of last year.  He had discussed his request with his CEO, who said “Fine, the Ministry will support it,” and the Ministry formally did that in September of last year.  He became President of the APSSM, I believe, in October, when he knew that his request to be medically boarded, if you can call it that, was already in train.

While Castellanos has an uncertain cloud hanging over him, the P.M. said the decision to leave his union brothers at the table was his alone:

DEAN BARROW – Prime Minister:
He asked for a Medical Board.  I can’t recollect exactly whan the Medical Board was convened.  It was convened, I believe, not long after the formal request was made.  The time the Board took to make it’s recommendation I don’t believe was unduly short.  But in any event, this is what Castellanos asked for.  This is what Castellanos continued to seek. How will he turn around now, after he gets what he wants, and suggest that “The only reason I got it is because Government wanted to get rid of me.

Castellanos has not responded to media houses’ requests for comment.

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